AI Approach

Some Background


The application of AI within finance is challenging for a number of reasons.

Our Unique Approach

We combine our expertise in both finance and AI to produce practical solutions for investing. Our approach is characterised by three main aspects:

The Global AI Allocator

The Global AI Allocator, or GAIA, is our proprietary platform that incorporates signal processing, machine learning, and other techniques in order to provide predictions for asset classes, sectors, factors, and currencies globally. These predictions can be used as part of a discretionary investing process, or alternatively used to create systematic investment products.

Predictions are made on a one week to one month time frame.

Transparency has been part of the design from the outset. Members of the team can interrogate the system and see what relationships have been learnt, and what state the system is in at a point in time. Also, explanations of past and potential investment decisions can be communicated to investors.

In addition, our models require acceleration, and so we use Graphics Processing Units, or GPUs, as the standard processor for calculations. We’ve also developed a faster, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) version, which runs on the cloud.

Example Uses

Predictions for asset classes, factors, sectors, and currencies – which can be used for trading decisions, risk management, and creation of macro overlays.

Systematic strategies derived from the predictions – for example, an investment strategy which allocates between global Equities and Bonds, implemented using low cost, efficient, ETFs.

Macro indicator predictions – for example, nowcasting and nearcasting industrial production.